Happy New Year 2012

We are so excited for 2012!! My goal is to keep up my blog for my journal!! We had a wonderful funfilled and crazy 2011 and are looking forward to another wonderful new year!!!

My goal for the end of January is to get caught up on my blog!!! So I can start making books!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fourth of July

This Year for the Fourth of July we went up to Provo to visit family we had just a blast especially they celebrated the 4th this year all weekend we went to a parade in Centerville with Grandma and Grandpa Davies and then went and saw fireworks and then on Monday we went to the big Parade in Provo, my Wonderful friend Teresa has a booth at the arts festival so Amanda and Teresas daughters Shelly and Nichole and their friends slept out in front of her booth to save us a place for the parade I wanted to stay out with them but they said I was too old, I have fun memories when I was younger of staying up  all night to save a parade spot. It is so fun everyone is sleeping out it is like a big party!!We were by the announcers table so all morning before the parade started they had dance and singing contests and gave away prizes. Then we went to the art festival with Grandma and Grandpa Walker and then to my Grandpa Nimmers house for a party and fireworks. it was a long fun Fourth of July!!!

The things you do to entertain yourself before a parade!!

Porter popping poppers on Daddy's head!!He thought it was so Funny!!

Parade in centerville I love small town parades they throw lots of candy out and they have the best floats my favorite was a float a ward did it was the temple!!

Grandpa Harvey

We went and stayed with Brandon's dad Grandpa Harvey for a few days and went fourwheeling. He lives in Elephant Butte up in the mountains. my boys had a blast! We missed Amanda but she was up at EFY having a blast meeting new friend and cute boys!!